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Painting Calligraphy

Painting Calligraphy | Pedram Karam Beigi .

Pedram Karam Beigi born in Jan 1982 in Tehran, Iran. He began his career in Persian Calligraphy at the early age of nine.

The art of Persian Calligraphy has been passed down from master to student for centuries. At the age of twenty-three, Pedram began instructing at the Association and in 2005, he was awarded a Master in Iran Calligraphers forum. His arts are mixing of calligraphy and paints. Painting-Calligraphy, written with “Qalam” – a pen made of dried bamboo.  Pedram is 34 years old and has a master of Engineering Management from California State University and he lives in California, USA.

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Painting Calligraphy, #artpeople