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Painting by THERON COOK

We think we know but we have no idea; which is exciting!… Through my art, I have the ability not only to beautify and enhance people’s lives and surroundings and environments, but also to bring them together, to incite dialogue, to produce work that acts as a bridge between individuals, that paves the way for us to communicate with one another, to open up and share our experiences. Sure, my art is about me; it represents who I am; it affirms my existence. But at the same time, it’s also about relationships and about promoting some sense of unity and understanding among us all.

Think of my art as a discussion starter, as a means of reaching out to other people and affecting their lives, of offering my own unique perspective, of helping others to see things in new and different ways. Art breaks down barriers. It brings people together. It gives us permission to reach out to one another and it makes reaching out easier. Art sometimes even allows us to confront or broach difficult or sensitive subjects with total strangers because it’s there to break the ice first. That’s what surviving as an artist is really all about– about making a difference, a contribution that works to everyone’s advantage