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Paintings by Maria Bozina.

Paintings by Maria Bozina.

Maria Bozina is a New Zealand artist who works mostly in hyper-realism and surrealism using different types of media such as oil, charcoal, ink or acrylic on paper, canvas or wood. 

Maria was born in Russia, in 1979, grew up in Siberia. She studied at the Biysk School of Fine Arts, and she was awarded as a portrait maker. Her professional life was linked with graphic design and advertising. In 2009, she immigrated to New Zealand.

Maria constantly experiments with different kind of medium and materials, searching for exclusive way of self-expression.

Portrait "Philatelist",Paintings by Maria Bozina.

She is passionate about making realistic portraits using charcoal or oil paint: “I find it the most fascinating and challenging to achieve shapes, emotions, and environment of reality on canvas.”

Oil painting on wood

Oil painting “While Life Passes By”

Oil painting on wood. This is an allegory of a predator, with insignificant aims, hunting easy prey. The problem is that this is just a game for the predator. The result of the game is to get fresh tie - a special status object, and status object doesn't have any value for the player.

Oil painting “Red Tie”

Oil painting on canvas

Portrait “Philatelist”


Children can have any possible pet. This is self portrait. Here I am seven y.o. surrounded by pets which I used to have.

Charcoal drawing “Childhood Pets”