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Paintings cycle

For me, painting is a way of creating a dialogue with reality. Topics that are trivial at first glance can hide multiple senses and symbols and contain versatile values.

Pejzaz_10x130_mixedmedia_2015m Wiatr_110x160_akryl_plotn_2013 Pejzaz_6_240x135cm_tusz_akryl_plotno_2014_k Katarzyna_Ademk_Chase_Primary_yellow_grafit_2014_M Katarzyna_Ademk_Chase_lapidary_landscape_akr_pl_110x150_2015_m 01_Katarzyna_Adamek_Chase_moonstone_tryptyk_akryl_plotno_100x150_2013 Katarzyna_Adamek_CHase_SUMMER_100x160cm_ink_pencil_canvas_2013

I try to follow nature which is the essence of a human being – diverse, powerful and ambivalent. I find balance between tangible and abstract things, realism and dreams, geometric and shapeless objects. Painting, despite its limitations, is a perfect form of expression for me.  It can express knowledge and emotions.  A variety of experiences keep me from thinking about just one technique or aesthetic. I use various methods not just for experimentation’s sake, but to highlight the unevenness of the world; I thrive to express this in my paintings.

Creation teaches humbleness and I don’t want to keep my creations just to myself.