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Paintings on Feather by Artist Aditi Agarwal

Aditi Agarwal, a self taught artist from India, decided to quit a job and follow my passion.

How I come to this idea is a long story but decided to do something different artwork and create a new art piece. I have paint traditional miniature paintings on feather. From MonaLisa of Leonarda Da Vinci to the traditional Rajasthani Bani Thani on feather, become a great experience to paint on feather. Now I paint by creating installations with the use of many feathers and paint on it.
Transforms a great artwork on a 6inches feather always inspires me to do more paintings on feather.


Wolf 8in x 8in Rs.3,000

White feather(2) 8in x 8in Rs.3,000

White feather(1) 8in x 8in Rs.3,000



Set of 24 pigeon feathers 2'ft x 2'ft Rs.12,000


Landscape on feather Rs.3,000

Elephant riders 25in x 10in Rs.15,000

Eagle on feather 12in x 8in Rs.7,000