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Paintings by German Artist Christine Glynne

Christine Glynne’s work fits into the hard-to-define border between the Photo Realists of the 1960’s and 1970’s and the on-going style of Pop Art. Her attention to detail and precise sharp-edged realism gives her work the snap-shot clarity seen in the work of American Realist artists such as Noel Mahaffey and Robert Bechtle, with their precise renditions of theirs and suburban worlds in paintings devoid of emotion or judgment.

Christine takes this apparently objective style and uses it to produce images which have quirky voyeuristic subjects. This Pop Art idea of surprising us with the unexpected juxtaposition of images, the mundane and the extraordinary, gives Christine’s work a quality beyond the simple recording of a scene. The viewer is involved in the excitement of the discovery …

A complex chemistry of influences and skilfully developed techniques have combined to give us an artist of true talent and vision – a master of the medium.