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Paintings Of Life Experiences, Memories And Music

My work aims to have a sense of mystery and ambiguity. Atmosphere and emotion play a major part too, this is derived from life experiences, memories and music. Often my work appears quite bold & simple from a distance but on closer inspection it becomes apparent there are far more complexities to the work, a comparison which can be paralleled to life.

The techniques I use also follow the same theme, layering up translucency of paint to create depth, then stripping back paint to expose the raw which are then worked back into again, producing interesting and complex results. My brush strokes are sometimes gentle and soft, other times fast and strong to create movement and this helps create such emotive pieces.

Ephemeral, warm powerful and evocative I create a sense of movement through color, light and balance. I try not only move the viewer but to make a lasting impression.

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Lost BattleVelvet kissesInfluences of TurnerWAITING AT THE EDGEFLight Of FancyWhite Flag

Oil on canavas, original oil painting inspired my movement and storms.

Oil on canavas, original oil painting inspired my movement and storms.

Mekong Delta Impressions

Atmosheric landscape

When Energies Meet


brighton pierReflections and Lightswhen the circus came to townlondon light