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Palette knife painting!

I place kindness as the base of my life, justice as mesure, wisdom as limit, love as delight and truth as light.

I don’t have an experienced background in the art of painting, tough I feel spiritually guided to paint what I feel.
For a long time I have known that the Universe is the creative force of everything that is. Since youth I have been enticed by the mystique, have been initiated in martial arts and meditation. Downstream I have discovered that my hands heal, my thoughts help and that everything we think materialises.
Anyone can proclaim themselves as artists. Truth is that the real artist is one capable of interior connection with the divine and maintaining that contact. One can be a painter, a sculptor, and architect, dancer, musician or a poet, only through connection with the divine can one introduce that immeasurable element which gives appraisal to the artwork.
I like what I have discovered within me and I cherish what comes out to the surface on the canvas, which I lovingly cover with colorful faces from my infinite Universe and I am undoubtful that I have come here with the purpose of leaving something meaningful behind.

In my painting I use the palette knife technique.12246665_1702985906599415_4631805779633971229_n 12246689_1702985993266073_1029789575873850240_n 12234939_1702986223266050_2079193869270002215_n 12237944_1702986209932718_5972394065552704447_o 12234894_1702985989932740_457773979287922392_n 12232938_1702986069932732_4960902114166817286_o 12227065_1702985946599411_2347408021729601880_n 12219592_1702985943266078_4563632924124103826_n 12219505_1702986029932736_2163471987414188808_n (1) 12208822_1702985903266082_7548958622421832798_n 12196200_1702985969932742_552816029295442843_n 12196038_1702986326599373_8631952124128468235_n 12193770_1702986283266044_2444129692797343401_n 12189619_1702986086599397_7460133420335098445_n 11988440_1702985933266079_4186344308719837071_n 11223542_1702986329932706_8071244533055046472_n 11219579_1702986063266066_1633694669887004759_n 11216834_1702986316599374_5627143817010824868_n 10356019_1702986043266068_9084511011089114031_n 906030_1702986179932721_1349514002825224575_o