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Palomas ( Pigeons) | Luis Ariel Bernachea

Palomas ( Pigeons) | Luis Ariel Bernachea.

My name is Luis Ariel Bernachea, I am a self-taught sculptor and I want to show you my latest work, which is very important for me because of its critical character, in a search for intriguing the viewer, what to think and discover the message behind the work, The sculpture was made only with beeswax and plastic.

Everything was done by me from scratch

It took me seven months to be able to complete the sculpture, due to having to do it at the same time as other works, I demand a lot of peace of mind to carry out all this process to keep me faithful to the original idea, which I presented myself one winter afternoon during a trip To the capital of my country.Palomas ( Pigeons) | Luis Ariel Bernachea