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Paper Clip Sculptures by Pietro D’Angelo

Pietro D’Angelo is a figurative sculptor. Born in Palermo, Italy in 1974. In 2005 he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in the Sculpture department with the highest score possible.

From here he has worked for himself, producing sculptures to various exhibitions.  Pietro found his own style by using rather unusual materials for his creations such as paper clips, screws and pins..

The object, whatever it is, is assembled, manipulated, accumulated, handled and admired for giving life to works, where the sculpture tends to pass its limit creating optical illusions obtained because of the ambiguity between visible and invisible, full and empty, heavy and light.

At the beginning, Pietro created sculptures with iron paper clips bought from office supply stores, but now the artist uses stainless steel ones that are made for him by a paper clip factory.

Lately he has just started a new series of sculpture with stainless steel paper clips that represent children who talk with a flower, trying to emphasize flowers’ language. For this reason flowers are ever colored. He loves to be inspired by everyday life and nature.

Usually to make a life-size figure, he use between 10.000/12.000 paper clips. To create a sculpture, he employs about 2/3 months of work.

L'Albero della Vita

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not (m'ama non m'ama)

la pipa, fermagli inox, 50x50x180, 2011

Quante "vite" ha il gatto?

Pietro D'Angelo