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Paper cutting by Shailendra

my name is  I live in Indore (India). I am a self-taught paper cut artist.

In this short span of time with the paper, I realised that every second in the paper cut process is different and exciting. I would also say it is a meditative process because sometimes you have to repeat the same pattern again and again.

Whenever I start to think of a new paper cut or the design, my mind always searches for the patterns that emerge from nature. Nature is always my inspiration (if I’ve to choose the theme on my own).

To satisfy my creative impulses and combine my skills, in 2013, I created my first cut paperwork, using a normal piece of paper. It was an Invitation.

I define what I do as drawing with the knife. When I cut paper, it is an Ingrained feeling and passion for precision.

Tools I use

A knife, Paper, cutting mat, computer and printer.

Make a Wish (Dandelion)

Make a Wish

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Now I know how hard is to build a home.

Now I know how hard is to build a home.

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