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Paper Portraits


Notebook Paper Portrait

Notebook Paper Portrait, oil on panel, 32×43

Cardboard Paper Portrait

Cardboard Paper Portrait, oil on panel, 36×24.5

Printer Paper Portrait

Printer Paper Portrait, oil on panel, 38×30

Paper Bag Portrait

Paper Bag Portrait, oil on panel, 22×15

Wax Paper Portrait

Wax Paper Portrait, oil on panel, 16×20



Hillary’s intent is to reveal the human bias present in everyday thinking. Working primarily in oil paint she pushes the medium to its limits of subtlety to represent the commonplace, the underrepresented, and misunderstood. Hillary predominantly tackles the innately human notion that everything on earth is for our use. The formal context of a gallery changes her subject matter’s significance causing the perception each entity to shift enabling the audience to question their previous ideology of the things as unworthy.


Hillary Dohoney is an artist from Fort Worth, Texas. She has a BA in Studio Art and in Art History at Trinity University. She received Trinity University’s Excellence in Art Award upon graduation. She is conversant in French and studied abroad in Paris where she was a docent at the Musée d’Orsay and an official copyist of the Louvre. Her work uses her knowledge of art history with a minimal contemporary twist. Mainly working with oil paint, porcelain, and screen-printing, she takes the classical approach of trompe l’œil to render unconventional entities. Her work has been exhibited in Paris, San Antonio, Arkansas, and Fort Worth.