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Parallel Worlds by Michał Karcz

P A R A L L E L   W O R L D S

by Michał Karcz

Please join me in my never ending voyage through my world. This land is constantly expanding. My world is what’s inside me, what really defines who I am. Here’s the key…

I was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland and I graduated from High School of Art in Warsaw. My passion for photography began in early childhood. My father had a camera and when I was just a child I liked to look at the world through the lens, crop it, select the best shots. I always had ideas of mixing photography with paintings. My serious journey into my own world of photography and photo manipulation began in 2004 when I opened “the door” with a different key.

I combined painting and photography into one piece using digital tools. That digital photography and software gave me the opportunity to generate unique realities that were impossible to be created with an ordinary dark room techniques. Most of my work is like a journey to the places which don’t exist. Places from my dreams, desire, imagination and fears. This is my escape from reality which is not enough for me.

My inspiration comes from many artists and it doesn’t matter if they get through to me by the sense of vision or hearing. I can tell that music has the biggest impact on my work. Music creates sound illustrations to the pictures I carry in my mind. These two things hit me with the strongest intensity. Each day I see more, I’m exploring more things which I want to share with You. I’m giving you key to my world. This is what I have collected in my soul since I was born until now. Enjoy your journey.


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