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I make machines to help me make drawings… gears moving inside gears help guide my pen.

My drawing process is fluid, and the individual curves are deceptively simple but the drawings warm and complicate through repetition. Patterns pile on top of each other becoming value shifts and texture, dimension and movement. Sometimes the motion of the pen becomes less about any definite path and more about the disappearance of paper. Three or four ink pens later, blackness on blackness, holding all the ink the page can handle, and only the directional grooves left by the ball to indicate the pen had last gone this way.

My tools are specifically designed to draw a particular type of geometric figure on a euclidean plane. There’s a mathematical formula to describe these lines. I’m no mathematician but that is my rudimentary understanding of roulette, guilloché, ellipse, cycloid, and other curving lines upon researching their mechanics while developing my drawing apparatus.

I want my art to appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers. There is a simple, optical pleasure in the work if you’d like to stop there. Beyond that, I instill connections to conceptual drawing practices, mathematics, particle physics, astronomy, baroque art, meditation, and other forms of repetitive devotional practice. Drawings at the intersection of abstraction and some other kind of abstraction.

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