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Paraphernalia | Kateryna Bortsova

Paraphernalia | Kateryna Bortsova.

In current use, paraphernalia is typically encountered in its “equipment”. But the word hasn’t always been used in that way. Originally, paraphernalia was property that a married woman owned herself-as opposed to her husband’s property or the dowry she brought to the marriage. Paraphernalia came to English, via Medieval Latin, from Greek “paraphernal”, meaning “bride’s property beyond her dowry”. Paraphernalia most commonly refers to a group of apparatus, equipment, or furnishing used for a particular activity. For example, an avid sports fan may cover his walls with football and/or basketball paraphernalia. In Encyclopedia Britannica (1911) given such a definition: paraphernalia – the word is also used in a general sense of accessories, external equipment, cumbersome or showy trappings.

So every epoch has its own attributes. And they are not necessarily has large scale such as global political changes, wars, etc. Sometimes attributes of age hiding in the small details, in things which we use every day, and do not give much importance to them. Things, that belong to people of different segments of our time, nationalities, cultures, that reflects traits of their owner character, are represented in my project.

The images on the works of the «Paraphernalia» project created on a background that consisting of utilitarian objects that we use every day – the elements of mass culture. This is a page from a book or magazine, cards, CD, playing cards, subway tickets, etc.

For creation of my works, I use things that have a history, carry the specific human energy, imprint of time and society. So the background for the work “Traveler” is consisting of tickets brought by me from various travels around the world: it is a ticket for the metro from Rome and entrance ticket to the Louvre, etc. In addition, “secondary” use of objects encourages people to careful attitude to the environment. My works are partly “Readymade” objects; bear the imprint of time and society. So that how I’m convey the spirit of age and demonstrate the connection between people and their epoch, their time and space. I want to query how deeply into the life of a person the things penetrates, and what that means as a symbol of civilization.

Main conception of my project is reflection of difference and unity, cosmopolitism, eclecticism of our epoch and its heroes. Because things as well as people became heroes of our time, in them we find a reflection of our reality and ourselves.



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