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Paris-based artist Helena Hauss with delft-style porcelain and the brute force of barbed weaponry.

Paris-based artist Helena Hauss with delft-style porcelain and the brute force of barbed weaponry.

My works all explore a same running theme of Irreverence :  challenging an imposed decorum and revelling in one’s own pre-established labels rather than having to apologise for them.

It’s about self-acceptance through self-deprecation and satire.

We live in a society ruled by social conventions and labels with pre-established set of traits that would be construed as weak, weird, bad, or unacceptable. My work aims to use self-deprecation and satire as a way to own up to those labels rather that shy away from them, and thus, put on display the very thing that others would scorn at. By using satire as a weapon against one’s inner demons, but also by rejecting a pre-established set of codes of social conventions to break down a systemic derogatory social hierarchy.  It’s about owning up to one’s own short-comings and imposed labels, and refusing to apologise for them by revelling in them as part of one’s own identity. 

Along this narrative I explore different themes such as innocence lost, girlhood, nostalgia, rebellion and vice.

You have to look close at each drawing, to find clues hidden in the details as to what they’re really about :  the bright and girly colours may often hide a darker side. It is deceiving, which in a way is the very essence of appearances : too often are we seen through a sheen of perfection we aim to display to the world, hiding our darker truth. I focus on what it means to become one’s self while refusing to be tamed and straying away from the idea of an unblemished self : It’s about faults, and owning them. 

My works are done exclusively with ballpoint pen, as a deliberate choice.

To view more of the Hauss’s subversive sculptural works, head to Instagram and Behance.

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