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Paris, the weekend after the attacks, November 2015.

As a photographer, wanting to visit Paris Photo 2015, I arrived in Paris on the 13th November in the late afternoon. The next few days I just walked the streets of Paris and tried to make sense of the mood in the city and photographed what I saw. Obviously, a city in mourning, a city on high alert, but also a city that kept living and breathing. For me the personification of Paris, as evident on statues on monuments and in cemetries, the mannequins and models on billboards, were a voice of all the Parisians who were silenced that weekend and kept looking onto their city, which has now changed forever.  Whilst in Paris, I had no access to television and only once back home the severity of the attacks hit me. Producing this series, for me, is also a way of dealing with being in a city that was under attack. Here the notion of Photography as a healing process or art as a form of therapy came for me into its own. By producing this series I personally dealt with the many mixed emotions I had whilst being in a city under siege.


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