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Paul Burgess Art

Paul Burgess.

I`m a UK based artist living and working in the Wye Valley near the market town of Monmouth.

My inspiration comes from being out in this beautiful countryside and experiencing nature first hand. I love wandering through woodland, especially at dawn, attempting to capture the spectacular light that the morning sun so often produces.

Paul Burgess Art

My work is greatly influenced by the three and a half years I spent at a Buddhist monastery, living and meditating for long periods of time in a kuti (hut) in the forest. 

Paul Burgess Art

My landscape paintings stem from this time and are predominantly about how I see the present moment and how alive the experience can be when I am totally present with it, before my mind takes over and starts flooding the moment with thoughts.They are also a representation of my understanding of how all things in this world are inextricably connected.

My animal and wildlife paintings are quite often a tongue in cheek combination of my love of patterns and familiar subjects I regularly encounter on my wanderings.


I generally start my landscapes with a large brush, working from dark to light and cutting in negative shapes, building up multiple layers of paint in flat blocks of colour to create the light and atmosphere I`m looking for before adding the outline with a very fine brush. The colour for each outline is mixed individually, so the whole process from start to finish can take up to 3 months.


Most of my work is oil on canvas, although I have been known to dabble in acrylics now and again. They can be seen at The Art Gallery Tetbury, The Oriel Cric Gallery Crickhowell and The New Leaf Gallery Monmouth.

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