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Peaky steeze

  MRTN 94, Im 21 born in Norwich UK and currently working from Bristol as a First year student on Fine Art at UWE.

My most current body of work ‘Peaky steeze’ Aims to provoke, question and take the piss.

i work with mix media, this entails : Spraypaint, ink, tipex, magazinenewspaper cutouts, scraffito, basically anything i can get ma grubby hands on without spending too much money cos im dirty broke. I take my influence from life, i have abit of history with graffiti and punk. i dont like writing too much, i’d hope my work can speak for itself.


Ed Moreton


babadook 2

crack is wack 001

Edfuck 001

Fear us 001

hey there 001

Insomnia 001

just bored 001

Lite salted death 001

Lost 001

skate or die 001

Smut 001

squad 001

velvet crust 001

worst odds 001