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Pebbles from the shore of my city, Lattakia

My name is Issam Hassan, a painter and writer from Syria

These are pebbles from the shore of my city,” Lattakia”, which hasn’t affected directly by war, but it pays the price, like most of Syrian cities, by losing its young men who die on the fighting fronts.

This Winter, during the evening hours without electricity and heating, I began drawing and inscription on pebbles, a preoccupation that makes me forget cold and makes the time pass more quickly. I wanted to say: ‘we are still looking for beauty and li20160125_081234 20160125_081300 20160123_140851 145 (4) 145 (2) 1 (5) 20160201_014234~2~2 copy 20160131_151951~2~2 copy 20160130_230350~2ving it , in spite of hard conditions , and we aren’t a breaking news on media.