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Pedro Bermudez Vegas ART

Born in 1978 in Caracas Venezuela ,  son of artist Ana Teresa Vegas .

With no formal training he was always drawing as a kid and always  interested in his mothers work, even helping out every once in a while . In 1997 spent a year  in Utah as a exchange student where he gained interest in drafting and architecture as well as studied art history and drawing, there he was influenced by impressionist and post impressionist artist and their use of color.

Later he pursued a carrier in business  and became a small business owner after college. Lately he started following the work of many street artists  and started experimenting on canvas on his free time, his main subjects are animals in a flat background lacking landscape but playing with color contrast and movement, applying single strokes of different colors of acrylic paint moving in the same direction along with the subject. His work is currently showing in a couple of galleries in his country and also tries to get international exposure.