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Pentasticarts – A Sketchbook’s Surreal Life

The Filipino illustrator, Joseph Catimbang is a fulltime graphic designer based in OC, California. For the most part, he is a self-taught artist, By day, he works in a corporate company. By night, Joseph takes on personal and contracted projects reflecting his utmost passions, in a variety of traditional and digital media for a variety of awesome clientele.

He uses pencils and black pens to create his minimalistic stunning drawings, evoking motion with incredible detail to emphasize the natural world around us, and everything in it. By combining two or more subjects in to one, his work becomes something that may have been from a dream.

Joseph’s lifelong interest in the metaphysical and the surreal, nostalgic memories are a heavy influence in the creation of his art. He has a taste for both the abstract and the mundane in his life and art.More info: pentasticarts.com

We Are One 06.19.2015 Weave. 07.07.2015 Dreams 06.18.2015 Fish Tank 06.26.2015 Hope 06.28.2015 In Harmony. 02.10.2015 Leaves 06.02.2015 Pages 07.02.2015 That Whisper. 02.01.2015 Soar 06.30.2015 Broken. 07.19.2015 Perspective 07.26.2015



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