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People of the South

We all were influenced by the USA early on in our childhood and this strong influence still continues nowadays.

An immeasurable number of movies, tv shows, web series, photos, magazines but also culture in general, it’s all surrounding us day by day, enveloping us more and more. We don’t find any reason to defend ourselves against it in any way. However the general attitude and opinion is very controversial and going from one extreme right into the other, from “I love NY” to “death to USA!” But the author is trying to stay above all that. His goal was to capture a non-critical testimony, not about the exaggerated and insanely blown up illusion of the American dream, but about everyday people because only through people you can discover the real unmasked face of every country. Thus Lukas decided to capture people mainly on the streets. He came to this conclusion majorly because the streets were the most familiar surroundings to him – full of unknown people, far far away from home.
Text: Katarina Hornáková
I was exchange student from Slovakia back in school year 2012/2013 in Heber Springs, Arkasas. Ussual photo series I’ve seen before had strong influence on viewer yet the truth could be tottaly different and subjective, I tried to do something different, bring photos of ordinary people, because that’s how you can thruly get to know culture. Nowdays I study on  private art school of  Designe in Bratislava. 
You can find more photographs here http://www.pro-chazka.com/work#/amerika/
Lukáš Procházka
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