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Design of book cover has an important position in publication in Iran. although it has’nt high income but a lot of artist are acting in this field.

I often read the book at first after that design its cover, Sometimes reading the review of book guide me in designing, nevertheless designing begins frome a spark in the mind, a word, a color, a line that write in the white space between the lines of the book. I think this work likes poetry or writing a fiction; sometimes you have a comprehencive plot, sometimes you have just a little bit of something that you don’t know what exactly is it! however you should finish it. http://mohsentowhidian.com
Araye-ha Bastani Ba Ta'me ToutFarangi Boro Didebani Bogmar Chidan-e Baad-01 Chidan-e Baad-02 Dare Otagham Ra Be Rooye Khodam Ghofl Mikonam-2 Daryahaye Kahkeshanhaye Digar Gozar Az Kocheye Rendan Hezar o Yek Shabe Now-6 Ma Narenjak Mijavim-final Morghi Ke Manande Panguan Rah Miraft v Ghahghahe Mizad PAEIZE PEDARSALAR Raz & Ramz-e- Bive-mardan-final Sa'adat Shabi Dar Tahran-2 Tahmine Dar Rah-3 Valse Morde-Shouran-02 Antwerp