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Personalized Pen Ink Art by Lilo van Wyk

Personalized Pen Ink Art by Lilo van Wyk.

I am a self-taught artist who loves to express God’s creations through realistic ink drawings. I mostly use the stippling technique where dots of single colour pigment are applied with a pen. Dots are made to appear lighter or darker by

the pigment’s density.

Computer printers produce similar images by half-toning or dithering. Pointillism uses different colour pigments to simulate colour blends.

Stippling is a manual emulation taking several hours and I love it for its

simplicity and handmade appearance.

I grew up in a family printing business and studied Electronic Origination and Graphic Design after school. It developed my love for the media and

the skills for detailed ink designs.

My fine art creations have high aesthetic value and

are custom made for its prospective owners.

Personalized Pen Ink Art by Lilo van Wyk


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