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Petar Sabol Sharpeye Photography

Petar Sabol Sharpeye Photography.

Peter Sabol “Sharpeye”, was born in 1981. He is been engaged in photography since 2007.

He is particularly interested in photographs of nature and wildlife. He specializes in the area of macro photography, that his favorite form of artistic expression.

He is a member of Photo Club Čakovec, Croatia and Photo Club Danube in Serbia.

Petar Sabol Sharpeye Photography

He has participated in several group exhibitions within the photography clubs. In early 2012. he began regularly sent their works to the FIAP (Federation Internationale del ‘Art Photographique) and PSA (Photographic Society of America) and achieved tremendous success.

AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) won the 2013. and 2014 received the honorary title EFIAP (Excellence FIAP). He has participated in a total of 176 FIAP salon, his works have been admitted more than 1,500 times and has won a total of 137 awards, of which 71 commendations and 66 medals in 29 countries around the world. At PSA exhibitions participated 27 times and won an additional 23 commendations and 27 medals.

He also won the FIAP gold medals in the UAE on 7th Emirates Photography Competition 2012/116 as the winner in the category of macro photography with “Natural abstract”, which is permanently stored in the National Library in Paris.

Petar Sabol Sharpeye Photography


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