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Phantoms of the night

I’ve been a professional painter since the age of fifteen and have been mastering the craft with the help of the educational system of my country ever since.

I got my master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Nis. During the course of my studies, I’ve been engaged in various activities, such as: graphic arts, graphic design, mosaic, fresco painting, and most recently tattoo art. However, the largest portion of my intrest is attributable, of course, to painting. I like to elaborate on a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from the essential to the universal. Well nigh all of them pertain to the phenomenon of life: the state before birth, birth itself, the journey of life, beliefs, death and afterlife. I am especially interested in the grand question of this our universe as well as our place in it. That usually drives me forward and inspires my work. In order to realize my work I’ve been using various combinations of disparte techniques and materials, epsecially whilst experimenting with colors and lines, which are the main feature of my artistic expression. Led by intuition and motivated by innate creative urge, I grant people the insights of my inner world, which hopefully incentivizes their search for meaning and internal growth.torino canvas poseidon phantom of the night noah's ark myth hiroshima divine creation connections of souls blue connection astral syndrome apocalypse