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Photographer at home

Photographer at home

We, as photographers and filmmakers, are going through a difficult time in our lives so for this reason I created the “StayatHomeChallenge”. The project “Photographer at home” is a journey of using imagination in our own house and to create beautiful story image using what we have in our house.The project is made during quarantine time 12 Aprilie-17 Mai 2020 .Every image contain a different object or a mood as a theme.

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Theme: Selfie/Selfportrait,introducing the artist

Self portrait
Bucharest,Romania 12th April’20

Theme: Window

Buildings spek for themself ,
Bucharest,Romania 17th April 2020

Theme: Curtain window

Bucharest,Romania 22th April 2020.

Theme: Chair

Bucharest,Romania 27th April 2020

Theme: Glass item

Soul windows ,
Bucharest,Romania 02nd May 2020


Bucharest,Romania 07th May 2020,

Theme:Green thing/Plants,Motion/Movements,Shadow

Eternal and fleeting,
Bucharest,Romania 12th May 2020

Picnic under the starslight,
Bucharest,Romania 17th May 2020