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Photographer Captures Joyous Afghani Skateboarders

Photographer Captures Joyous Afghani Skateboarders

Skateistan, a grassroots project connecting youth and education through skateboaring in Afghanistan, was created by Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich back in 2007. Ever since it has grown into an award winning NGO, catching the eye of many photographers including English photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson who upon hearing that 45% of the students were female, visited Kabul in 2012.

Women being forbidden to ride bicycles in Afghanistan have taken to skateboarding, making it the number one sport for women in that geographical area. Fulford-Dobson, during her tour was instantly accepted by the young skateboarders.“I met so many impressive women and girls in Afghanistan: a teacher as tough and determined as any man; young Afghans in their early twenties who were volunteering at an orphanage and were passionate about being seen as strong and willing to fight for themselves, rather than as victims of circumstance; and girls who were being educated to be leaders in their communities and who were already thinking carefully about their own and their country’s future,” said Fulford-Dobson.

She outlined each of the girls’ personalities through award-winning pictures, both posed portraits and off-guard, candid shots of the girls casually skiing in the indoor ring.

Skateistan_097-700 Skateistan_149-700Jessica-Fulford-Dobson_03-700All images © Jessica Fulford-DobsonSkateistan_135-(1)-700140511-161554-Skateistan-Kabul-AFG

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