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Where Photography Meets Street Art

Hello, I am an artist from Vermont,United States and after moving to Los Angeles, California I married a woman from France and we now are living in the city of Lyon, France. France is the place my latest techniques took form where I have combined my photography with street art/graffiti to create something new and unique. I have worked a lot with people in extreme poverty in India and in Los Angeles and it inspired me to create art expressing the current state of homelessness and what our society and governments are doing for these issues.

I like to find all of my materials on the streets…things like cardboard, wooden cheese crates, wooden palettes and incorporate these things with the photography I take of homeless people, city skylines or anything I find to be inspiring. I then cover them with spray paint to bring the graffiti aspect into my work to really bring the atmosphere of the streets to life through the piece.

I am constantly looking to expand and grow and progress my creativity and try new things that I have never seen before. I am inspired by my experiences and I am inspired by the world and the universe that exists within us and all around us. I have sold my work in Los Angeles and in France and I display my work at an artist market every week and have been in an exhibition with a gallery called Space Junk here in France.
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