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Photography with no painting

Nicolas Guyot is a french artist who seek to transcend these photographs into a suggestive universe.

The plasticity of old silver processes and playing with the materials give body and soul to the photographs that look no longer quite as such.

The desire is to use the picture to suggest, unsignify the subject of the photograph to pick « “the splendor behind the grave.” *. Photographs are transported by the poem and the matheme and knotted by philosophy. They are thus washed their referent to make room in the mirror of the mind.

In front of these photographs there is a desire for physical and pictorial expression, such a desire to pass aches, pains that are not always those of the author, but perhaps those of the viewer, a desire to reflect on the past and the future and perception, a desire to bring a multitude of interpretation that will be much elevation of mind privileges for each viewer.

Behind his pictures there will singling the photographic image and each print is unique, not only by choice but by nature (it is not possible with the process used to obtain two identical images), will also involve material to the image, the supports are prepared by the author and are unique, there is finally willing to work slowly and play with the uncontrollable, chance: thought and gesture.

Technically, the film dominates, and the method used is traditional photography (gelatin silver bromide), photosensitive chemicals and the supports are made specifically for each draw and physicals interventions, chemical and other paving the way for many expression games.


SI en sa torsion de sirène (VIII) - 80x49,4 - Gélatino bromure d'argent sur tissu encollé - Janvier 2015

Naufrage I (Etude pour le coup de dés de Mallarmé), 89x49. Gélatino bromure d'argent sur toile spéciale. 2014

Quixote 21, bromure d'argent sur bois, 100x40


La charogne, bromure d'argent sur bois, 100x40


Faustivités - Le début, le présent, l'ailleurs, 50x50 (3x)Bromure d'argent sur toile préparées, 2015

Calme et tranquille IV- 85x30 - Bromure d'argent, fils, sur toile personnelle, montée sur châssis - mai 2013

Les trois fillettes II, Gélatino bromure d'argent et laine sur tissu transformé, 70x40, 2015

TRANSacte . 100x60 . Gélatino bromure d'argent sur bois, résine. Mai 2014.

Vomissures - 70x70 - Bromure d'argent sur toile amidoné, montée sur châssis - novembre 2013

Autoportrait II, bromure d'argent sur tissu marouflé sur bois, 46x35, octobre 2014

Comment ça marché déjà II, bromure d'argent & laine sur tissu transformé, 80x60, 2015

L'anarchiste, bromure d'argent sur toile collé sur bois, fils et collage, 56x39, 2014

Esto memor, 43x63. Gélatino bromure d'argent sur toile spéciale. mai 2015. Fragments du poème de baudelaire "l'horloge".

Paris pleure, bromure d'argent sur toile préparée, 50x40, 2014

Globe trottoir -73x60, Sténopé agrandit sur bromure d'argent sur tissus préparé. Avril 2014.

Rive droite rive gauche, bromure d'argent sur toile préparée, 45x30 (2x) - Octobre 2014

Halab Jami al-Kabir 1090-2013. Gélatino bromure d'argent sur tissu encollé, 70x50, juin 2013

Syriens - Gélatino bromure d'argent sur tissus encollé, impacts de balles. 70x70. juillet 2013

Dernièr adieu à Palmyre, bromure d'argent sur bois, 35x34, 2015