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Photography from years ago.

Deep Seaafter_the_storm__by_victoriandoctor-d7lr2hwDead Snow grasshopper_by_victoriandoctor-d7p96jg image_by_victoriandoctor-d7lr7uh image_by_victoriandoctor-d7lr8h4 image_by_victoriandoctor-d7lr92p image_by_victoriandoctor-d7y7cj5 Nathan laundry room Nathan porchclose up flowers Flowersdaisy Fish topiaThe Sea FloorPhotos taken back in the summer and fall of 2013, only a year after I graduated or was about to graduate High School. Then I was determined to become someone well known in the art community, someone who could inspire kids who felt like they had nowhere to go. Well this morning I left my job to come back and focus on my art, I decided I wasn’t going to let everyone’s expectations define me, even if they are just trying to help me. I can’t keep a public job that requires me to work ridiculous hours for hardly a week’s pay, it’s not what I want. THIS is what I want. To share and inspire, to show the world that even a screw up like me can be something.