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Photorealistic Art by Austrian Artist John Wieser

John Wieser, 1969, Austria

The self-taught artist started his professional career in 1993.

Fascinated by the smallest details of nature, he delights in the entire process, from empty canvas to a thought provoking painting perfectly executed. Not satisfied with just reflecting nature with colors or pencil, he incorporates aesthetic harmony. The pencil as “equipment of the first hour” offers very many possibilities of the organization to him. From the sketch up to photo-realistic elaboration, high-contrast or only tenderly, from the running to the completely distinguished picture, of combined representations up to the finest detail is everything possible. Particularly for commission-work, like Portraits and nude-artwork he recommends the pencil. No color, no brush does reach the exactness of a fine pencil point. A large advantage he sees also in the grey tones of Graphite, which permit the viewer to look more deeply the character of the explaining, without being diverted from colors.

In the Year 2002 the artist began to work more on his nude-pencil-drawings, always focused to connect aesthetics and naturalism done in a perfect artistic execution. At the time, his nude-series is one of the most important in this special technique in Europe!

Exhibitions: Austria, Germany, Italy, USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Monaco, India

Awarded at the Biennale di Chianciano 2009

Awarded at the Biennale di Chianciano 2015 with the “Leonardo Award for Work on Paper”

nudes in graphite

As the nude portrait is an almost inexhaustible subject, artists and photographers have tried to proceed with it countless times. Therefore it is John Wieser’s personal challenge to create something special with his work, something distinctive when compared with the work of others.

By choosing the simple tool graphite he has managed to create a very special series of nude portraits – the “nudes in graphite”.

Elaboration on the edge of perfection, consummate skill in using this technique, the unerring eye for physical proportions, and above all, patience and the power of imagination are the essential conditions for realizing such Projects.

Not only picturing the human body but also filling it with life, emotion and harmony, sensuality and elegance, thoughtfulness, ease of mind or tension, this means true art to John Wieser.

Nude studies should not be compelling due to embellishment but solely appeal by their way of representing. Nothing should distract the viewer of the painting from the essential subject. Aesthetics and naturalism are combined in one Picture.


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