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Photorealistic graphite drawings by Rebekka Lord-Johnson

My work is a reflection of my journey as a self-taught pencil artist.

My portraits are a collection of the people who have impacted my life in unimaginable ways. Having faced a difficult childhood, I find that my creative expression tends to uglify my subjects in a romantic, raw and endearing way. I often express my own angst, love or intrigue through the eyes of my subjects.

A2 Graphite

“Acceptance” A2 Graphite

A2 Graphite

“Forgiveness” A2 Graphite

Recently, I found the courage to draw my own self-portrait (pictured  below). This was a confronting and powerful experience that allowed me to express my inner child – and her struggles – through the portrait of my 21 year-old self.

"Self-Portrait" A2 Graphite

A2 Graphite

"Self-Portrait" A2 Graphite (detail)

A2 Graphite (detail)



As an artist, I like to embrace imperfections and use them to create a sense of heightened reality. As seen in the detail of my self-portrait above, the inclusion of pores, imperfect skin texture and the translucency of the eyelids (and thus, the veins seen underneath) creates unease but invites the viewer to relate to the drawing in a different way. I want to awaken a thought or feeling in the viewer that may make them challenge their own perceptions of identity, reality and history.