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PierPaolo Vaccaro Conceptual Fine Art Photographer

PierPaolo Vaccaro Conceptual Fine Art Photographer.

My name is PierPaolo Vaccaro and I’m a Conceptual Fine Art Photographer.

Born in 1971 in Syracuse on the wonderful island of Sicily, Italy.

I’am an enthusiast in photography started a few years ago. A lover of significant, evocative images, able to fill your eyes as the heart and soul.

I like to express myself as a “white wall” on which hang surreal shots, fantastical projections of my visions in their total freedom of expression.

Visual metaphors for moods, to recognize and perceive ideas, movements and concepts, illustrated as symbols of communication and creative expression.

My works, my thinking. https://www.facebook.com/pierpaolovaccarophotography/



“The scent of a woman is over time, a bitter memory of her photography.”
(Guy De Maupassant)

PierPaolo Vaccaro Conceptual Fine Art Photographer























“This is a time when everything is put on view on the window to hide the emptiness of the room.” – (Dalai Lama)

PierPaolo Vaccaro Conceptual Fine Art Photographer























“Dreams are our world turned upside down: the reality, logic, time … everything is meaningless. The dream world is not our world, even if we try in the night challenging us and deceives us understand the difference. that’s why dreams are so dangerous. ”























Memory can change shapes and colors of things, can let go free memories like leaves in the wind in autumn, it can make you live in a distorted paradise, in a surreal time machine.

The memories, the ones that mark you forever, remain hidden behind a face that never show her being to others, because the others are not able to listen to them.























“Once you have known the flight, you will walk on the ground looking at the sky, because you’ve been there and you want to come back” – (Leonardo da Vinci)