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Pinhole Poetry


Pinhole Poetry

Ricky Friedlander

“In my photography practice, I explore how cultural heritage invests and shapes our world. More specifically, I am interested in the experience of monumental sites. With time, they have undergone radical changes and they lay bare familiar and unfamiliar fragments of legacy. They have also been generating millions, if not billions, of photographic documents. My images are not meant to be quick reproductions, but interpreting a space of contact with architectural and environmental traces.

My compositions are a combination of improvised and controlled spaces. The images are made with a modified pinhole camera utilizing multiple long exposures on a single filmstrip. This method allows me to limit the image making process to a minimum and emphasize my experience with the environment through very long exposures. The resulting imagery creates a fusion of fortuity and forecast.”

ta prohm 2

south gate angkor thom

preah khan


angkor wat

Ta Prohm