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 The work thus entitled, “Winter in the Gran Teatro Cervantes of Tangier” is part of the collection dedicated to Cervantes Theatre, landmark building in the international era of Tangier, opened in 1913, which has more than thirty years in state abandonment and ruin.
The theater, a jewel of modernist architecture of the period and international center of art and culture since it opened, 1913, until it was abandoned towards the end of the 80s, has been a source of inspiration for many of my paintings dedicated to the Tangiers and at the same theater.
Specifically, this work belongs to the collection entitled Seasons in the Cervantes Theatre in Tangier.”
The book cover of the book is entitled “A scenario in ruinspublished to mark the centenary of the theater in 2013, and literary writing as an artistic appeal for the recovery of the Gran Teatro Cervantes of Tangier.
Work done in oil on canvas glued to table, in 2011.
I Pintando el Teatro Cervantes, definitiva

This is a photograph taken one of the days when he painted the Teatro Cervantes in Tangier natural.
The photograph is from the year 2001 and once finished painting and the photo looks in the process, was exhibited in a solo exhibition organized by the Cervantes Institute of Tangier inaugurated on 15 May 2002. The work had a huge impact on the media and the public was established as an artistic denunciation of neglect that was already in theater.
This painting, titled “Night at the Teatro Cervantes in Tangier” was the first project that then followed: a collection of works devoted to the Gran Teatro Cervantes, source of artistic inspiration for many years of my career.

I NOCHE EN EL TEATRO CERVANTES DE TÁNGER. Óleo-lienzo, 81x60 cm. 2001 - copia - copia

INVIERNO EN EL GRAN TEATRO CERVANTES DE TÁNGER. Óleo-lienzo-tabla, 160x 120, 2011.