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Pintura Contemporanea

Sin titulo16 obrabicen Obra Bicentenaria Geometrico 8 DSC_3336-001 DSC_0151 ABS9~1 5-sin titulo7 10410137_672090392844333_2954799644666398925_n (1) [014912] 088_5568 Urbano 10 Incertidumbres 8 DSC_2937 DSC_2933 boceto de diva malhumarada-001

Born in 1961 in Argentina.
Of self-taught and intuitive formation.
Took painting classes with Norma Rodrigo and the teacher Juan Boan.
Has experimence with diverse technics; carbonillas, pastel and oleo. Currently
she is using acrylic by It is immediate quality in the achievement of hiswork.
Realized studies: Drawing and painting in trestle.
1980/3 Workshops and courses(years) of Drawing, (School of Art Martin Malharro) Mar del Plata.
1999: I draw with the teacher Juan Boan 2000 Painting with Norm Rodrigo 2001 Draw and Painting Juan Boan

Series : Monstruos Alegres y divertidos. Serie Urbanos. Serie Incertidumbres Geométricas y Serie Abstracto tecnica mixta sobre tela, acrilicos y polvo de cuarzo