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To stop the time is my goals  as far as I can remember I want to do it. My mom lived in Budapest and I was in Warsaw. Every time I visited her I knew it, the happy time would soon come to an end. And I don’t want that.

Physically I can’t stop time. It’s impossible.

But at least I can capture streets and faces and have them with me. I drew but even best drawing was not perfect for me. Then I got my first camera and I start collecting my feelings. I hold them as near to me as possible. Wasn’t perfect either. Picture was only a description.

Then I start collecting boxes. In a single box I can have days and dates, bad and good experiences. Boxes were better, I can always add more and more and they are never full. Shape is clear and straight, clean and simple. I can put one inside of another so they don’t take much space.

Boxes are also universal and I can pack in as much as I want dreams, memories, experiences. I need some direction and steps so I create images. I don’t capture them I can’t really stop time.

But I can be a witness of beauty and truth.

Like when my mom, on the last day of my trip, was standing on the platform Keleti station. So near, there was only glass between us, and then, station started moving away from me with her inside, further and further, and she become smaller and smaller.

Then, I can barely see station surrounded by the buildings, only connected to me by tracks, the same tracks connected me to Budapest, take me far, far from it.



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