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Pixel Art

Hi my name is Sezgin Özgür. I’m studying at Trakya Universty.

I was born 3 october 1994.I’m interested in the various works of art. I live in Turkey. I love art. I share them here for your interest in my work. You can reach me on my instagram page. I ‘d upload it here except a lot more jobs available.  Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Mona Lisa, Harry Potter, Sonic, Batman, Game Pad,Girl with a Pearl Earring, Snoppy, Heart, Portrait, Pixelartshopp Since 7 December 2015 https://www.instagram.com/pixelartshopp/ pixelartshopp@gmail.com how pixels if you want something from each other so you can use :) for communication pixelartshopp@gmail.com
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