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Plastic bees

This series has as its starting point the halving of the bee population over the last ten years, caused by the modern man’s interference with nature (starting with pesticides all the way up to communications infrastructure of any kind), the “electronic smog” being one of the main reasons behind the distressing decrease in the urban bee population.

However, man’s brutal intervention, especially in urban areas, develops unusual capabilities in the bee communities, namely plastic processing which is found in honeycombs in quantities of up to 25%. The title of this series is inspired by this adaptability to a hostile environment of these most important pollinating insects, as opposed to the morbid scenario of their disappearance.
The pieces are mostly assembled based on the hexagonal honeycombs pattern, having a vast color palette, thereby composing overly colorful mandala designs – in order to purposely draw the attention to waste – just as in nature bright color signals danger.
The materials used are almost entirely recovered, remodeled and reimagined. The bottle cap collecting was a “cry for help” aimed at close acquaintances that turned at one point into a social phenomenon.
“Plastic bees” is a utopian artistic vision of the engagement of each individual in reusing and recycling of materials that are harmful for the already over – saturated environment.

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