The work of Geert Vanhoovels comprises assemblings, ‘monotube sculptures’, digital images and ‘art & strategy projects’.

His conceptual ‘Transhuman Generation Art’ is associated with philosophic aspects related to transhumanism. This is a recent form of speculative philosophy that tries to break the limits of humain existance which are imposed by nature.

His creations symbolize the transition from human being to machine, the influences of technological and scientific developments on society and human and animal rights. New technologies permit to take our development into our own hands. In this way we can amend our own evolution aside from natural processes.

Back To Nature By Prosthesis

Memento Amori

Hollow Jesus

Don't Worry About Tomorrow Baby

Das Atmen Fallt Mir Schwer

A Plastic Passion In A Sea Of Doubt

Our Transhuman Darkness

The Predestination Of Freedom

Transhuman Victory Over Death

Eternal Offside

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