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Poetry as painting

My work explores a connection between painting and literature.  Narrative and poetic metaphors visualized.

I am interested in the relationship between language and perception, how language can both limit and expand our perception of the world we live in.  I create images that exist somewhere between the physical world and the world of ideas.  These images are visual equivalents of poetic metaphors.
I begin with only a metaphor/title, and then try to explain it visually.  My intention is not only to call attention to the finite nature of language, but also to our dependence on it for understanding.  Language can also be used to open up infinite possibilities that transcend the logic of its everyday use.  It can be used to serve beauty and imagination.  I want to create paintings that live on the outer edges of understanding, and open to endless interpretation.  I also want to show that our visual and verbal worlds are inextricably linked.
Don Quixote has clouds written on his voice
The moonbird's manifesto
The night feeds indecipherable poems to the broken cowboy
The wind wears a coat of blue whispers, with pockets full of sleep
Apollinaire delivers pieces of sky in his jazz-colored submarine