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Poetry of nature

The paintings by Darina Vanková have exactly what the famous art critic Jindřich Chaloupecký mentions in his book, “Art nowadays”

– that the art is supposed to be beautiful. In the history of Czech art, the only one who managed to get close to that definition with his views of the nature was probably the most poetic landscape painter, Ota Janeček. Today, two of his paintings are highly valued and belong to a collection of the finest art pieces based on an imaginative interpretion of nature. Darina Vanková is on a similar level, if we are talking about Slovakian painters. Her pieces are not just beautiful, they’re full of sentimental love of nature and tender feelings towards her surroundings. They speak of the time that gives us a chance to witness the undeniable beauty between the seasons of the year. Every figure, object or landscape in her life takes on a role of intermediary, between reality and poetry,  we’re not acustom to seeing. The nobility of the content and precise technical adaptation of Darina Vankova’s paintings are the proof of high potential and quality of Slovakian art.