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Polyism – manageable accidents

I have been experimenting with new materials to create a new artform Polyism. Colour lacquers and chemicals form the basis for figurative and abstract work which are produced with the wet-on-wet technique. During this new process, chemical reactions cause the merging of images and colour planes, during which “manageable accidents” lead a fascinating interplay of forms and lines. The sequence in processing the materials determines structures and bas relief which makes the artwork it makes you want to touch and feel. Polyism is the result of observation, experimentation and execution of imagery which embraces nature, the cosmos, architecture, the city and the street.

My latest serie is called Transmissions. Life nowadays with your mobile phone and internet access everywhere makes us a easy target for everybody and every company who likes to have our information which is transmitted through the air. All our digital signals are picked up while we are traveling, shopping or having dinner by transmitters and collected and sent away to use and be sold for the information. These big transmitters are not that visible in big urban area. But when you leave the suburbs, the sun is shinning and the birds are singing you can’t get around these massive steel telecommunication antennas in all sorts and shapes.    https://www.behance.net/sandervanheukelom , http://www.sandervanheukelom.com/