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ink and water color portrait . The title “bye-bye” is a symbolic reference to changes and thus to byes we do at times in our lives, necessary for the evolutionary course, and feelings moving due to these changes. At the same time the title “bye-bye” refers to the simplicity of everyday life, turns into a ‘ natural ‘ expected and weakens the importance of feelings of farewell, so calmed the tension, to facilitate the management of emotions and to make the next step. Forms with expression adult seriousness, rigor, melancholy, tranquility, knowledge, innocence, tenderness, attach to the content on the other hand the complexity and the different sizes of the fields of emotion and partner relations of conflict or aligning they have between them. A study on the recognition and management of ancestral emotions and characteristics of human nature, through a philosophical tour based on Existentialism and the psychoanalytic visa on unconscious. The whole process seems to be inviting us to look life in the face and the perishability of existence and to break free to bear this knowledge.



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