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Portrait-primary color | Guus van Lingen

Portrait-primary color | Guus van Lingen.

I paint in oil and acrylic. Mostly portraits in very different ways. I graduated from the Minerva art academy in Groningen and then studied for two more years at the AKI in Enschede. After my studies, I worked as an art director and creative director at several major advertising agencies. I encourages my students to especially create their own perception. The various techniques that he discusses are primarily intended to support the visual process. Finding out where someone’s interest lies and inspiring people, that’s the challenge he’s up to. Due to the mix of different techniques, styles, and levels, no competition is present.

Portrait-primary color | Guus van Lingen

http://www.guus-van-lingen.nl/ |  https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/217586http://art-en-france.nl/guusvanlingen.html

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