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Portraits by Mentor Berisha

Portraits by Mentor Berisha.

Mentor Berisha is known for his expressive content and composition to a new image order with nuances of modern impressionism in painting, for the strong emphasis on colour selection, the specific placement of light in sub-images, through a free and open instantaneous practice.

Mentor Berisha was born in Kosova.He finished Master degree in painting at University of Prishtina.He had many collective exhibitions in Kosova and abroad.Also he had several personal exhibitions organized inside and

outside Kosova.

He is the author of several animated films,which are publicized in many festivals as in Kosova, Italy, Albania,Switzerland, France, Slovenia…He has participated in many festivals of Cartoon in: Argentina, Brasil,

Canada, Cyprus, England, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Kosova, Macedonia, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, Spain…




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