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Portraits of a city | Luis Bonilla

Portraits of a city | Luis Bonilla.

Caracas 1986,

Architect and visual artist. Interested in communicative architecture and the way cities are the physical and conceptual platform to generate dialogue and experiences with people.

Arquitecto y artista visual. Interesado en la arquitectura comunicativa y en la manera como las ciudades son la plataforma física y conceptual para generar diálogos y experiencias con la gente.

Architect from Universidad Central de Venezuela- UCV.

Master in Advanced Architecture in the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia- IAAC.

“Portraits of a city” – Luis Bonilla (Architect and visual artist based in Barcelona) generates portraits of cities using their architecture and urban structures to find new languages and visual results.
 Portraits of a city | Luis Bonilla Portraits of a city | Luis Bonilla


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