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Portraits: Sons and Daughters of the Wind

`Sons and daughters of Wind’
Nomads of Africa photographed by Mario Gerth

50 months adventure through Africa’s remotest regions, led the German photographer Mario Gerth from the third millennium out into a different world – a graceful world where nature has inherited dignity and elegance in the faces of her people.
To portray the naturalness of the nomadic peoples and their environment, the journalist and photographer spent years traveling through Africa, last 24 months by bicycle from Cape Town to Cairo. Hundreds of miles on foot, using donkeys and riding horses, by boat or jeep, in all four directions, alone or in the company of his friends on the quest for the Africa of his young imagination.
Mario has his Africa found. The results from the traveling are stories and a collection of intimate portraits, vivid photographs of the last nomads and semi-nomads of the continent. Countless generations have built a strange beauty in a variety and naturalness that is missed in our uniformed society.
Honed by the will of nature – through deserts, jungles and savannahs – the last original inhabitants of the continent have adopted unique features.
Mario´s photographs are a stunning tribute to Africa, to the African people but also a reminder letter to us and our relationship to the displaced and vulnerable people in the third millennium.
Most of his fine art photographs take the viewer on a journey through Africa – Namibia, Angola, Mali, Togo, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Sudan and Ethiopia and more.
The carefully-selected photos of Mario want to invite the viewer to the peoples of Africa.
Ancient Rite, sagas and cycles lead the life of nomads and semi-nomads of Africa. The growth and decay is here determined by the stories of the ancestors. The urge for the new gives way to the pride of a centuries-old tradition.
The viewer is then left alone, what he would like to see in these pictures. The archaic pride in the eyes of these people or fear of modernity. Himself as restless nomad of modern times, armed with laptop, cell phone, driven by deadlines and appointments? Or is it the view through the clear pupil of those people where you lose yourself and recognize the unbridled vitality of an entire continent?
Mario Gerth commented:
“In Africa, countless generations have developed this extraordinary diversity and bizarre beauty. I am very grateful to have grown through these trips witness and share my vision with you. Much more important than a photo I was always, these people confront them to shake hands, to drink a glass of tea together.

The nomads and semi-nomads of Africa still live our past – a self-sufficient, elemental and satisfying life, where the essential acts so much.
The horizon is their home.
They are the children of the sun.
And they are the sons and daughters of the wind. ”

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